We open access to global science to improve life of humanity

Science moves the world. It ensures that societies, people and companies achieve their goals, that the social system functions and that prosperity is created. Studies show that the demand for patents and validated research results will continue to grow. In the future, there will be more demand for our customers' products and services. The driving force for SCY:MO is to support our customers in their development in the best possible way. We find the right partners and services for them: quickly, efficiently and automatically.

Our purpose: What drives us

SCY:MO connects beyond brands and organization and is always there for the partners - for everyone who wants to change the world. That is our mission and what drives us - and what unites us across divisions and brands. Understand each other better, and together we can develop technologies that not only solve problems, but sustainably prevent them. Our mission is to connect science and business more precisely and create a lasting symbiosis.


establishing academic and educational organization - “Science:NOW”
100 companies are using the platform
SCY:MO cooperation was brought to life
development of a new AI based platform and search engine begins

Story: Arizona State University

Arizona State University: Collaboration with NASA and SpaceX. Students at ASU are involved in the creation of a SpaceX Hyperloop. It should become a mass transit system called "Hyperloop" which is capable of sending pods of passengers and cargo at speed of more than 700 miles per hour (Source).

Story: San Pablo CEU University

San Pablo CEU University Foundation announced a new cloud computing program in collaboration with AWS Educate. The program will last three years and aims to prepare the next generation of cloud computing professionals, responding to AWS cloud skills needs that are increasingly in demand by Spanish and Latin American organizations. This groundbreaking cloud computing program will be the first in Spain in collaboration with AWS (Source).

Hall of Fame

First comes the thinking then the fairy tales and finally the scientific conclusion.
Konstantin Eduardowitsch Ziolkowski
If my doctor told me I only had six minutes to live, I wouldn't brood. I'd type a little faster.
Isaac Asimov
The Best for the group comes when everyone in the group does what's best for himself and the group.
John Forbes Nash, Jr.